the havura

Founded in June 1988, the havura is a group of friends and friends-of-friends in the New York City area who meet once a month on Friday nights (sometimes) for traditional Conservative style egalitarian services and (always for) a kosher potluck vegetarian dinner.  The havura meets in member's apartments.  Newcomers are always welcome.

Schedule (revised 1/15/2024)


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2022 - 2023 Schedule
August 25

2023 - 2024 Schedule

October 6 (erev shemini-atzeret)
November 17
December 22
January 26
February 16
March 29
May 3
June 28
July 26
August 23


Reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis and are required by 9:00pm of Wednesday, two days before the havura. Reservations may be accepted on Thursday, the day before the havura, at the discretion of the coordinator. No reservations will be accepted the day of the event. Reservations may be limited by the capacity of the host's apartment.

E-Mail Mailing List

A monthly email is sent about a week prior to each havura to let people know the location and time for the havura and to let them know who the coordinator is and how to contact them.  Email to get on the email list.

Kashrut Policy

Vegetarian, dairy, and fish dishes only. All cooked foods prepared in kosher homes from kosher ingredients or obtained from certified kosher vendors. All store bought baked goods, cheese, and grape (this includes wine) products need to be certified kosher. Contact Michael (212/678-7881 before 9:00pm or if you have any questions regarding this policy.

Helping Out: Coordinating a Dinner

Coordinators are always needed to help coordinate a havura dinner. A Havura Potluck Shabbat Dinner Planning Guide is available.

Helping Out: Hosting

Hosts are always needed to host a havura in their apartment. Host's apartments need to be located on the Upper West Side. A host needs to supply a space for at least 20 people to sit and schmooze as well as a place to set out a buffet. The host's apartment does not have to be kosher. Air conditioning is a requirement to host during warmer months.

Contact Michael (212/678-7881 before 9:00pm or if you are interested in helping out. Thank you ahead of time!



Minyan Rimonim (at Ansche Chesed)